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Welcome to Tax Breaker Co., the millennial cousin of Thompson Tax LLC. Here you will be assisted in your journey to breaking down all of your financial barriers. It is an environment built just for you; the upwardly mobile millennial. Therefore, all I ask is that you be forthcoming with your challenges and for you to enjoy the community that is the Tax Breaker Co. led by CPA, EA and million dollar Realtor, Jerrell M. Thompson.

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I want to be remembered as the people’s accountant. While most people use their professional prowess in the CPA and EA capacity to service the ultra rich and high powered hedge funds I prefer to focus on the emerging wealth of the millennial community. There are so many millennials that have endless financial opportunity available to them, but lack the proper resources to assist them in maintenance, preservation or growth of their assets. This is where I come in. I am where technology meets a well rounded modern day accountant. So I hope you find the site as well as my services useful as I am looking forward to working with you! 

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