Bookkeeping is essential for every business regardless of size. It helps with a number of things included but not limited to: 1) Ensuring both the timeliness as well as the accuracy of your tax returns at year-end and 2) Helping owners make crucial managerial decisions based off of tracked historical data. Remaining current with your financial statements is the sign of a competent business owner who has plans to run the business the right way. I offer a range of services depending on the unique needs of a particular business as no two businesses are alike and finding a system that matches my client’s operations is something that I take great pride in.  

Select your Bookkeeping Plan:


(Min of 3 Months)
  • Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements
  • Bank Reconciliation for One Account up to 50 transactions


(Min of 6 Months)
  • Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements
  • Bank Reconciliation for Two Accounts up to 100 transactions Each
  • Discounted Software Costs
  • Prepare Customer Invoices
  • Reconciliation of Up to 1 Credit Card Accounts
Most Popular

(Virtual CFO)

(min 1 Year)
  • Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements
  • Bank Reconciliation for Three Accounts up to 100 transactions Each
  • 1 Hour Consulting Per Quarter (Phone, Google Hangouts, or Skype)
  • Prepare Customer Invoices
  • Discounted Software Costs
  • Payroll Management
  • Business Tax Filings
  • IRS Audit Support
  • Unlimited 1099’s Prepared and Filed
  • Reconciliation of Up to 2 Credit Card Accounts


Payroll Management

  • Payroll ( 1-5 employees) 
  • Payroll (6 – 10 employees) 

QuickBooks Set-up

The accuracy of the financial statements provided my clients is of the utmost importance as this is how we determine the company’s performance and file the tax returns.

QuickBooks Set-Up

1) Setting Up Chart of Accounts 2) Setting Up Preferences 3) Customizing Invoices to Include Logo and 4) Setting Up Vendors, Clients and Employees

Financial Forecast

Financial Forecasting is the activity of estimated the future financial outcome of your company.

Financial Forecast -

Forecasting is done by using historical data or quality inputs to determine how your company is expected to perform.

Annual Budget Creation

After creating your financial forecast and understanding the trajectory of your business for a given year you are tasked with the obligation of tracking your progression to be able to quickly determine if things are headed off course. Therefore; your budget creation is inevitable.
Throughout this process you will be able to drill down into your financials and further understand the cashflow details for every month of the year which will strengthen your strategy and comprehension of your overall plan.

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