Tax Breaker Co. is now welcoming additions in the virtual capacity. Please carefully review the job descriptions as they are great opportunities for self-motivated and independent professionals who are looking to embark upon a promising and rewarding career in financial services. Also, an opportunity to learn under a CPA, EA, Realtor and Credit Repair Professional is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Apply now!

Open Positions

Virtual Jr. Accountant (Part-Time)
We are looking for a part time [8-12 hours per week] bookkeeper/administrative assistant to join our team, as we expand across a national market of emerging upwardly mobile millennials.
tax preparation
Virtual Tax Preparer (Part-Time)
Tax Breaker Co. would like to introduce the role of the virtual tax preparer. Enjoy working from school, home, the office, etc. as this role is a virtual one and you will be permitted to download the relevant software to be able to carry out all of your job responsibilities remotely