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Credit Repair Services

Whether you are attempting to obtain a mortgage, an auto loan, or personal financing your credit score will play a pivotal role in the lender’s decision to allocate funds to you and at what rate they will do so. Our credit repair services are not just for those who have bad credit and wish to get to an OK score; we also service those with an OK score and wish to reach an excellent score as well. This will almost guarantee optimal results as you are more likely to be approved for financing and at the best rates available to the marketplace. 

Financial Independence Program

Achieving Financial Freedom can be rewarding, but it comes at a cost. An individual will be required to possess financial skill sets and disciplines that are known yet difficult to practice regularly. Skill sets such as understanding how to budget, possessing the discipline to adhere to the budget and possessing a concrete understanding of how to employ the formula that the rich have been employing for centuries. As it understood that financial literacy and discipline isn’t necessarily something that we are all equipped with the Financial Independence Program will help to build your necessary skill sets, strengthen your discipline and cement your understanding of the “formula”.

Debt Reconstruction Strategy

Debt comes in many shapes. The more familiar shapes are those such as student loans, past due tax debts (which are accruing penalties and interest daily) or a mortgage w/ pre-recession interest rates. And with the average individual debt coming in at just over $38,000 (excluding mortgages) you want to be sure that you are being smart about the way that you are paying it off. We specialize in interpreting your long-term goals and devising debt paydown and consolidation strategies that will get you there safely and expeditiously. 

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