Back Tax Package


Individual Tax Preparation:

All returns include standard federal form 1040 and one standard state form. Some returns require additional schedules such as: Schedules A, B, C (Profit and Loss from self-employed business), D and E or forms such as K-1’s and bank and brokerage transactions to be filed as well. All of which we will gladly prepare at an additional charge.

If you’ve worked with me to resolve your tax debt, it’s important to keep the momentum going and stay current on your taxes with our ongoing tax preparation services.

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If you are unfamiliar with back taxes it is the process of which you revisit tax returns that have: 1) not been filed 2) been filed incorrectly or 3) caused a tax liability that has not been satisfied in full or secured into an agreement with the taxing authority.

During this process you can expect to receive a full investigation, tax preparation for all years in question and if you have a tax liability as a result of these actions we will also facilitate the payment of these debts or assist you in securing your agreements with the taxing authority/ies.

Select Filing :

1040 EZ, 1040, 1040A

Number of Years to be Filed

1, 2, 3


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