Tax Debt Resolution

During this process you can expect to receive a full investigation, tax preparation for all years in question and if you have a tax liability as a result of these actions we will also facilitate the payment of these debts or assist you in securing your agreements with the taxing authority/ies. 

Tax Debt

I specialize in a variety of tax services that will save you time, frustration, and money when dealing with the IRS. Learn more by booking your tax consult today, I’ll be happy to help you out.

Back Taxes

Back Tax Package

If you are unfamiliar with back taxes it is the process of which you revisit tax returns that have: 1) not been filed 2) been filed incorrectly or 3) caused a tax liability that has not been satisfied in full or secured into an agreement with the taxing authority. 

During this process you can expect to receive a full investigation, tax preparation for all years in question and if you have a tax liability as a result of these actions we will also facilitate the payment of these debts or assist you in securing your agreements with the taxing authority/ies. 

Back Tax Investigation

Most individuals are uncertain of what’s actually happening within their tax account when they come to me for services such as back taxes or outstanding tax liabilities.. Therefore;  before I can actually move forward and be of assistance I have to perform an investigation. During my investigation, I will establish communication with the IRS, initiate protection from IRS collection actions, and obtain and review the IRS account transcripts to determine the necessary actions  to take to get you compliant with the IRS. Best practice is to contract me for this service if you have outstanding tax debts and you want to ensure that you are aware of all of your liabilities and whether the liabilities are correct in the first place. 

Installment Agreements

Installment Agreements are essentially payment plans negotiated with the IRS if you do not have all of the funds on hand to pay your tax liability in full. While in concept is very simple, my experience has shown me that entering into an installment agreement can be a difficult task to surmount and the process is one that requires a great deal of strategy and persistence. 

$499 (additional fees may apply based on amount of communication with the IRS required)

While on the surface it may seem like a task that just about anyone can surmount there are a few variables that you should consider. Are you willing to commit to the tedious drawn out process of dealing with the IRS? Are you prepared to research the tax regulations that will be required to understand to ensure you aren’t being taken advantage of? Do you have an hr and 22 minutes  (avg hold time on IRS calls) to sit on the phone with the IRS during normal business hours? Are you familiar with the payment terms and how they affect your overall financial positioning? 

If the answer is no to any of the previous questions you may want to consider hiring and experienced and skilled individual like myself who can allocate the appropriate time to this matter to ensure that it is handled with care and efficiency. 

Offer in Compromise

If you have found yourself in a situation where paying the IRS would leave you completely insolvent, or virtually make it impossible to meet your monthly obligations? If this sounds like your situation you may qualify for an Offer In Compromise. The Offer In Compromise is a process in which you display through a series of forms that you cannot make the payments determined by the IRS due to lack of cash flow. However; you are willing to make a settlement payment (which is determined by a formula based on an individual’s assets). 

Additionally, as I have received recurring business from individuals that have invested in this service with other providers and come to me as once the offer is not accepted due to the fact that the provider didn’t assist with the process afterward I felt it necessary to at least make sure the client has an on file payment arrangement with the IRS to ensure compliance. 

Bookkeeping is essential for every business regardless of size. It helps with a number of things included but not limited to: 

1) Ensuring both the timeliness as well as the accuracy of your tax returns at year-end and 2) Helping owners make crucial managerial decisions based off of tracked historical data. Remaining current with your financial statements is the sign of a competent business owner who has plans to run the business the right way. I offer a range of services depending on the unique needs of a particular business as no two businesses are alike and finding a system that matches my client’s operations is something that I take great pride in. 

Debt Reconstruction Strategy

Outstanding debt shouldn’t be a weight on your shoulders. It’s time to get financially fit and remove the excess dollars hanging over your head. With a “Debt Reconstruction Strategy” you’ll know the exact steps to take on your financial obstacles and accomplish all of your wealth goals.

Debt comes in many shapes. The more familiar shapes are those such as student loans, past due tax debts (which are accruing penalties and interest daily) or a mortgage w/ pre-recession interest rates. And with the average individual debt coming in at just over $38,000 (excluding mortgages) you want to be sure that you are being smart about the way that you are paying it off. We specialize in interpreting your long-term goals and devising debt paydown and consolidation strategies that will get you there safely and expeditiously.

This process is as follows:

Step 1) Learn of your current financial challenges
Step 2) Determine your ideal scenario
Step 3) Request your financial information (budget, outstanding debts, credit report, etc.)
Step 4) Devise a strategy to get you to your ideal scenario (including service providers)
If you wish for us to assist with the implementation of your strategy please contact us so that we may provide you an accurate quote.

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